Simple, beautiful websites

Welcome to Theem, the home of handcrafted, beautiful websites.

In a world of bloat, we remove the unnecessary aspects to create a simple, fast-loading website experience.

Our websites are bespokely created, and adapted to your specifications. No more slow loading times, our website only use aspects that your business requires to keep the footprint minimal.

Pre-built websites can sometimes be very customisable, but this causes a huge issue: Bloat.

Having so many options slows a website down, and makes editing the website a near impossible task.

Our websites are bespokely built in WordPress based on a pre-agreed design. Ecommerce can be added, along with other bespoke elements such as property websites or events.

That sounds great! How much does it cost?

We offer two different models on our websites: monthly and outright.

All our monthly plans require a minimum 12-month contract duration, however this does include all hosting and domain renewals for the duration.

Our prices are tailored to your business needs! Need a shop adding? No problem! How about a custom property search? We've got you covered.

Our outright prices provide you with the flexibility to either remain hosting with us, or to move your website to your chosen hosting provider. No strings attached.

Let's keep in touch!

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